Popular Baby Names 2016: BabyCentre Release Top 20 Girls’ And Boys’ Names Of 2016 So Far

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The most popular baby names in 2016 so far have been released by BabyCentre UK.

The online resource for parents analysed its registration data for the names chosen by 27,230 members who gave birth in 2016 (16,033 who had boys and 11,197 who had girls).

The top girls’ name has changed, with Emily knocking Olivia off the top spot to become the most popular name this year.

For boys, it’s no surprise Oliver tops the list, having remained number one on BabyCentre’s website for the past ten years. 

George and Charlotte have both gained popularity in 2016 and both made the top 20 lists, proving a traditional name never goes amiss. 

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Sarah Redshaw, managing editor of BabyCentre.co.uk, told The Huffington Post UK: “Parents are always influenced by popular culture. Social media makes celebrities more accessible than ever, so it’s no wonder that we are increasingly influenced by actors, singers and high profile events as this filters into every aspect of our lives.”

See the top 20 girls’ and boys’ names in the lists below.

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